5 Best Recommendations for a Surf School in Bali

Odysseys Surf School
Photo by @odysseysurfbali

Bali Island is a favorite place for wave riders to experience amazing experiences. Waves on Bali may be a little intimidating for beginners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Along the southwest of Bali Island provides ideal places for you to learn surfing. Next, we will provide a top list of surfing schools in Bali.

Odysseys Surf School Kuta Is A Friendly Learning Place for Beginners

Odysseys Surf School has been established since 2003 and is located right in front of the Mercure Kuta Hotel arcade. This surfing school gives you a friendly and fun learning environment. An experienced team of instructors will make you stand confident on the board to fight the waves.

Learn To Surf Fun at the Rip Curl Legian Surf School

Rip Curl Surfing School is one of the popular places to learn surfing basics. This school has been around since 1998 which has no doubt about quality and facilities. You will get a complete surfing technique and most importantly you can find your way on the waves. Besides surfing the school also provides water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding.

Become a Professional Surfer Quickly At the Pro Bali Kuta Surf School

This surfing school was founded by Frank Faust, a well-known professional surfer. Different from other surf schools, Pro Surf School prioritizes personal recognition in learning to surf through six levels of courses. Do you want to be a pro surfer? Relax, you can choose between 5 best for a surf school in Bali.

Quicksilver School of Surf Legian Are the Perfect Place for Surfers

Another surfing school founded by former world surfer, Cheyne Horan under the name Quicksilver School of Surf. This place is suitable for beginner surfers or experienced surfers who want to refresh their movements.

Makes the Waves Tame With Canggu Surf School

Canggu Surf School is the first surfing school in Canggu that gives you lessons on ‘Canggu’s special curriculum’. After all the techniques learned come a big day where you can capture real waves. Enjoy the refreshing sensation of ocean waves by ordering a surfing school package in Wandernesia.